Vessel nameVoyage No.Port of LoadingClosing RotterdamETSETATransit daysStatusRemarks
AL MASHRAB 001EROTTERDAM27/06/2017 15:0002/07/201730/07/201728 day(s)  
BARZAN 001eROTTERDAM04/07/2017 15:0009/07/201706/08/201728 day(s)  
UMM QARN 001EROTTERDAM11/07/2017 15:0016/07/201708/08/201723 day(s)
MOL TRUST 001EROTTERDAM18/07/2017 15:0023/07/201715/08/201723 day(s)
AL NEFUD 001EROTTERDAM25/07/2017 15:0030/07/201722/08/201723 day(s)

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